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FYI: the bar is only open on the weekends, it is now closed on weekdays.

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Rudy Delgadillo November 20, The best thing to do is buy a two hour pass online. It includes the go-carts and lazier runner which are the two best games there. Shawn Herriger August 27, Food and drinks are expensive! Bring your own water and snacks. Small Fry Schools February 7, Kids have so much energy! VisitLauderdale March 12, Includes unlimited video games and mini golf. Ashley Otero January 14, Shaquira Bonilla April 1, VisitLauderdale July 1, Paul Gundersen July 20, Maegan Harless July 16, Could use a lot of improvements A LOT.

Seems like everything is either broken or nearly broken. Palace Entertainment October 6, Check out the Discount Club! Euzhan C. November 3, Robert T December 2, Jay Lizotte December 3, Crusty Roscoe October 11, Ari August 8, Ramzy Haddad September 14, Anthony Raimondi May 20, Found 25 reviews matching the search See all 95 reviews. Sort by: Helpfulness Rating Date. Fun college job but no room fro growth.

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Worked their while in college and it was fun, they let you play games and attractions for free on your days off but they did not offer raises for anyone except management and they're open so they require you to work some holidays. Also very little room for growth. Was this review helpful?

Fun, good experience. A typical day would start off with high energy coworkers greeting you as soon as you walk in.

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You interact with many kids and get to meet new personalities everyday, while also saying hello to regular kids coming in. Management could have been better but coworkers made the job a little bit easier to handle. I enjoyed working with my sister and brother the most and I loved seeing familiar coworkers faces because most of us all went to the same high school; including some managers.

A typical day involved monitoring schedule adherence, take inventory and make necessary purchases and balance the safe and make necessary deposits. I learned to handle stress, how to prioritize tasks and delegate. The business was restructuring and went through GM's frequently so I rarely had a boss to help with managing.

I was never given a raise and felt like the business's goals were not aligned with my own. Never paid me my bonus's for hitting and exceeding my sales goals. Poor managment but great coworkers. I had 5 different managers at once and out of all of them only 2 actually did their job. You need to always look like you are doing something even when everything has already been done or else they will write you up.

It is a very good place for a first job but only for a few months because management chooses favorites and the favorites get free food and more hours. Dunno work place. Fun to work there but it's every man for himself other employees would steal tips and costumers the bartenders we're rude and unfriendly to any other bartenders they would atap and lie wouldn't so there work or make there orders. Productive and stressful. Weekends are the most busy day for boomers especially Sundays. The workers are great but poor management.

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Hardest part of the job is cashier at golf counter and also have to work the prize counter. There are tons of third party coupons that can be stressful because sometimes us employees don't even know about them. The most enjoyable part of the job is knowing that I helped a customer and they call my sales manager and tell him how helpful I was. Productive and fun. Always cleaning Learned to put karts together Learned to fix water fountain Learned to fix game machines Not having enough karts on a busy day Not enough employees. It's a nice working a place, people there are amazing we all usually get along with everyone, unless other wise.

Yesterday, we surprised the kids with a visit to one of our favorite places for family fun in South Florida. Boomers is a fun place that always brings cheers from our kids, and this time we decided on having a little spring break family fun at Boomers. One of the things that we as parents love about Boomers is that you can make your Boomers visit fit your budget, whatever this budget is. We usually go once or twice a year, when there is a great coupon offer, and we have signed up for the Boomers email newsletter, so that we always know when the good coupons are there.

Yesterday, each of the big kids lucked out with a special Champ pass, which meant unlimited rides on the attractions, mini golf, bowling and laser tag. This was our youngest son's first time playing laser tag I will admit that I got hit a bunch of times, and I did not get a single point For the past couple of times, my husband has been going with the kids on the rides, but this time he wasn't feeling well, and so it was my turn to have some fun.

Our kids especially love the Bumper Boats, but I am not the biggest fan of getting wet. The kids had a blast though, while I will admit that I tried my best at sailing as far away from the other kids in the bumper boats as possible.